Als Celloquartett erlebt man vieles. Hier in unserem Blog berichten wir ausführlich über die besonderen Momente von unseren Konzerten und Reisen. Zu den Berichten gibt es meistens Bilder oder Videos. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

"Misirlou Punk" with slideshow from US-tour 2009

28. November 2009 | Kategorie US-Tour 2009

Just a small impression from our US-tour 2009 with the soundtrack from our cd "quattrocelli Favourites".
You all will know the title: Misirlou from the movie "Pulp Fiction".
Enjoy it! :-)

See video

Anna Maria Island, Florida / back to Germany

14. November 2009 | Kategorie US-Tour 2009

Some more pictures from Anna Maria Island, where we stayed for five days.
Now we are back in Germany and very tired...
We had a lot of fun on the tour and we are looking forward to touring the West Coast in March. :-)

This is the link to the slide show of the pictures on flickr.

Concert in Spencer, Iowa

11. November 2009 | Kategorie US-Tour 2009

Here you can see some pictures from our concert in Spencer, Iowa. After the concert we had to drive directly to Omaha, Nebraska to catch our plane to Florida, where we had our last concert of the tour. We arrived at the airport at 2 am, returned our rental cars and put all our stuff back in the suitcases for the flight...Deaprture was at 5:50 am!

This is the link to the slide show of the pictures on flickr.

Concert in Bradenton, Florida / holiday!!

11. November 2009 | Kategorie US-Tour 2009

The flight to Florida was unfortunately not as easy as we thought it would be. We had 8 tickets (4 for quattrocelli and 4 for the cellos) and a lot of luggage, as you can see on the pictures. We had to change planes in Chicago and the scheduled arrival time in Tampa was 1 pm. The airline refused to take all 4 cellos into the cabin (there is a "law" that they are not allowed to have more than 2 cellos in the cabin). Those 2 cellos were upgraded to First class, because these are the only 2 seats where cellos are allowed to "sit" in a 757.
We had no chance but to give 2 cellos down to the luggage. They promised us that those 2 cellos will be carried down by somebody and that we would get them immediately at the airport in Tampa (we had to wait at the entrance of the plane). We waited for quite some time until a stewardess told us that the cellos WERE NOT ON OUR PLANE!
We told them that we have a concert in 2 1/2 hours and that we needed the cellos urgently.
After some research we found out that the cellos were on the plane that should arrive at 2:30 in Tampa.
So some of us had to wait at the airport...

At 3 pm the cellos finally arrived (with some strings being down and the instruments being really cold!) and we took a taxi to Bradenton. It was a ride of 45 minutes and we finally arrived at 3:45.
Perfectly in time we started the concert at 4 pm in the First United Methodist Church in Bradenton, Florida with no sleep for 30 hours. :-)

The concert was successful and it was a very nice end of the tour.

Now we are in a house at the beach on Anna Maria Island and we can relax for a couple of days. Even though the sun is not always shining the weather is great in Florida. It's really warm and the beaches are very nice.

Today we went shopping in a huge outlet mall.

This is the link to the slide show of the pictures on flickr.